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Touching Space May 1, 2012 Colby Morgan Songs ASCAP


The Passion:

The first poem I ever wrote was for my kindergarten lunch time supervisor. She was in grade 7 and I was in love. Standing on my couch at home reciting my love as my mom wrote down my words. That was my tipping point when art become a part of my life. Being able to get out what was burning inside was a huge step for me. Still burning up to express the next step was music I suppose.

The Kicking Point:

I scissor kicked to score in a soccer game when I was 14. The only goal I ever scored in soccer was made to complete an agreement I had made with my father, If I scored a goal I would get a bass guitar. I had been playing music my whole life, pots n’ pans, grandma showed me piano, but this bass would start everything. I played every hour possible. All I did was play this bass.

The First Band:

I started a punk band and we played youth centre skateparks. I needed more though , so I got a guitar.

The Guitar:

The guitar made me write like a rambling fool. The combination of Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and Bob Dylan were a fresh and fruitful musical tree for a young song writer. My band switched to a drummer and me on guitar, like the White Stripes. Looping and feedback was my life. We started to play local Vancouver venues and always a good response.

The Song Writing:

At 17 I had over 30 songs written. But I lusted for more. The piano had it all, an orchestra at your fingertips. I started to write and transpose on the piano. I heard Wilco’s album "a ghost is born" and my life changed completely. I set aside my clash cd’s (for a minute) and started listening to layers and most of all the guitar tone and wild solos. Wild expressions would come to me now. With a new four piece called "Lowery" I played saxophone, piano, mandolin, bass and guitar.

My Current Band:

I have a kick ass band. Me - Guitar - Vox / ?? Bass - Vox / ?? Drums. We've been together for 1 year.

The Journey:

I've recently discovered the meaning of Matrix. Things are even clearer now then ever.


" our lives consist of two realities, the natural (what you see), and the spiritual (what you do not see). We are not a result of a pre-planned or pre-determined decision, but are a result of our past and present thoughts or actions.

Our decisions have impacted our personal Matrix which then determines who we are. It is incumbent upon us to make decisions that are in line with the success we are attempting to achieve.