Seasons Change

  • Written By: Carey Ott, Mike Conway
    Performed By: Mike Conway
    Produced by: Carey Ott
    Publishing: Long Story Short
    Performing Rights: ASCAP
    Date Of Concept: August 1, 2015


I'm cold and rotting at the core
Feeling like my body's in a morgue
Tho I'm not nodding I'm not in my gourde
They're prodding, applauding for more
I got none

These imps they clamour
Wanting me to pitch a tantrum
Going thru the scythe and hammer
To get to the glitz and glamour
The blitz of fandom
And the ritzy manor
From spitting grammar
Success and fail go together
Like Brits and manners

I think I why did I blast off to Nashville
Where there is no rappin scene
The only underground is the
First church of the Nazarene

While I see stupid wheels
Chevy novas, lambos and coup de villes
I miss home, so instead of focusing
I'm couped in the feels

I do it like none other
0 to 100
Either dropping nukes
or under a bunker

I believed for too long that
I was such a lame sinner
I want to go to the place
When I sunk the game winner
Climbing the highs
Middle finger to my father
Who's as defiant as I
Only 5'9 but I feel like dez Bryant inside
I just want to receive what I'm worth
Perception is everything
And i perceive that I'm first
But I'll pick up my fellow man
If he falls, scrapes his knee in the dirt

Just accept the change
As the seasons change

Sometimes I wish I knew what I was doing when I picked up a pen
Sometimes I feel just stupid like I'm lost never to get my chops again

I can feel the pressure of pressed shirts
Suits ties and dress skirts
Youth dies with desk work
Glutes thighs and necks hurt
Truth lies in net worth's
So I do fly, and try to rub the wrong way
Like running in a wet shirt

Apocalypse now, mind over matter

Success I couldn't imagine this
Back when I was slipping class
Just to nap from dad's fascist fits
Thought he was that Cassius kid
That's why I'm fast with jabs and kicks
But a pacfist
There's not an ass I'd kiss
I'd rather smash a disc
In my back cause I'm a massive masochist, its fact
A glutton for pain, from kung fu
To coming up with words
It's like sun tzu punching my brain
Busting a verse

Apocalypse now, mind over matter (2x)

I shifted the balances of gifted and talented
Now listen to how it is
Living with callouses
Earning them minimum wage allowances (2x)