Time to Spend

  • Written By: Carey Ott & Dylan Altman
    Publishing: Long Story Short / Cal IV
    Performing Rights: ASCAP / BMI
    Date Of Concept: August 19, 2008


I ain’t got much money
But I got a song to sing
I ain’t got no five-year plan
I done woke up from that dream

I got a song on the jukebox
That is if you can spare a dime
I got the T-shirt on my back
And this little girl by my side

I got the rise and shine time
I got the bird-singing sunshine
I got the good loving summertime
I got time to spend
I got time to spend

I ain’t got no worries
I’m no complicated man
I’ll give you the best of me
If you take me as I am
I wanna take you with me
Any place I go
I got a big heart full of love for you
And it’s about to overflow
We got the rise and shine time
We got the bird-singing sunshine
We got the good-loving summertime
We got time to spend
We got time to spend

Time ain’t money baby
At least not to me
Come a little bit closer love
Spend some time with me