What If it Isn't Out There

  • Written By: Carey Ott / Daniel Tashian
    Publishing: Long Story Short / Royal Plum Music
    Performing Rights: ASCAP / BMI
    Date Of Concept: June 14, 2008


I hear you gotta a new boyfriend
I hear you’re moving to London
I hear you’re starting a rock band
You’re really making waves

What about what you told me?
About how you been searching
For a new philosophy
Or some good advice

What If It Isn’t Out There?

You kicked out of the old plan
You said you’re makin’ a come back
You broke free of the old friends
You finally shook ‘em all off

You know I’d go outta my way
You said you’d rather be happy
Instead of makin’ good money
You could be rakin’ it up

What If It Isn’t Out There? (Ott, Tashian)

I guess you’re taking a big chance
Trying to find your big success
It doesn’t come by accident
I hope you follow your heart

I hope you see your name in lights
I wouldn’t be a bit surprised
But I know it hard to find
The definition of love

What If It Isn’t Out There?