Title Writers & Composers Performed By Date of Concept
In A Little While Lisa Dotolo, Carey Ott October 11, 2006
January by Carey Ott
Let It Shine Carey Ott Carey Ott January 23, 2011
Leave It Alone Carey Ott, Lisa Palleschi February 5, 2008
Live Flowers Carey Ott, Cynthia George January 8, 2007
Long Island City (Instrumental) by Carey Ott
Love Isn't Safe by Carey Ott
Miracle Cure November 18, 2005
Fade Back Kate Lamont / E. Brown / Mike Graves / John Blevins / Ande Shaul Kate Lamont & Mab Lab March 1, 2002
New Love Carey Ott & Alicia Wiley January 3, 2008
Nightiming by Carey Ott
Other Side Of Your Eyes Carey Ott November 18, 2007
Paradise Lost Carey Ott - Eric Schermerhorn January 27, 2008
Peace With God by Carey Ott
Right Before You Go by Carey Ott
Save A Little Room by Carey Ott
Slow Suicide Carey Ott January 1, 2003
Soul by Carey Ott
Soviet Lovemate Carey Ott, Chris Ott July 1, 2000
Talk To Me Carey Ott, Jeremy Smith
Style Carey Ott Carey Ott May 1, 2003
Summer Cold Carey Ott, Amy Foster February 6, 2007
Takin' Over by Carey Ott
Our Own Way Home
Time Doesn't Wait by Carey Ott
Velvet Shoreline Carey Ott July 30, 2006
War Within Carey Ott
We're Still Friends by Carey Ott
Whatithinkicanthave by Carey Ott
Writer's Psalm
No One Lives
The Compromise
Crush Oubliette
Wrong Direction
Tapestry Immense
Sunk Inside A Drowning Head
Queue Carey Ott July 1, 1997
Ahead Of Your Time
Midwest Distress
What Do I Know
Claustro Crowded
Sleep Too Much
'Til Morning/Far From Away
Time to Spend Carey Ott & Dylan Altman August 19, 2008