The Nimbus Sessions

Album Details

Artist: Matt Hoyles
Recording Location: Nimbus School of Recording Arts, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Release Date: Oct 31 2015


Recorded Live at Nimbus School of Recording Arts, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 23/11/2014.

'The Grey' Recorded at Bluelight Studios, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 13/07/14.
released Oct 31st 2015

Composer/Lyricist: Matt Hoyles
Guitar/Vocals/Cajon: Matt Hoyles
Keys: Ryan Grimsey
Bass: Nathan Turner
Drums: Dave Manson
Sax: Sonny Rosatti
Gang Vocals: The Nimbus Crew

Recording Engineers: Audrey Arellano, Mack Blake, Kaj Falch-Nielsen
Mastering: Geoff Ong, Kaj Falch-Nielsen
Executive Producer: Gary Taylor

All songs written and arranged by Matt Hoyles, except 'Miracle Cure', Written by Carey Ott, and arranged by Hoyles/Ott.