That Familiar Feeling

  • From the Album: The Nimbus Sessions
    Publishing: Matt Hoyles Music
    Performing Rights: SOCAN
    Date Of Concept: November 23, 2014


Talking in my sleep
I’m calling out your name
And I know, I’ve only got myself to blame
Yeah on those lonely nights, get down on my knees and pray
For forgiveness, absolution, and the good Lord to guide my way

Well right now, I don’t know where I’m headed
But I thought I might take a Look around
‘Cause baby I know
You feel the same way that I do

You’ve seen how I get
When you’re not around
And I’m so so sorry that I ever let you down
No more waiting around, you know my heart, my heart is true
And I said that seconds, feel like minutes, feel like hours, feel like a lifetime without you
without you you you

Well right now I’m asking for your love and affection
And darling I’m gonna give you mine oh mine
‘Cause baby I know
You feel the same way that I do

Baby I know that you feel the same
Yes darling I know things will never be the same
Oh baby I know, I know, I know I know, I know
You feel the same way
You feel the same way
That I do