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Riding The Rails July 15, 2006 BMI
Drifting July 15, 2006 BMI
This Isn't It July 15, 2006 BMI
Tourist On The Run July 15, 2006 BMI
You July 15, 2006 BMI

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Bohagey Bowes makes videos that challenge the borders of today’s low-tech/high-tech wars—he knows that quality is more about imagination and accomplishment than about money. He’s a firm believer in the power of collaboration and the ability of music videos to exist as art, all the better to provoke and inspire. Often harkening back to the early days of music videos, the Bohagey Bowes style blends the old and the new to create a look that is at once familiar and yet Lucky Strike fresh at the same time.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Bohagey Bowes has concocted videos for Nashville artists Carey Ott (“Daylight” and “Interview”) and Tristen (“Overtime”), San Jose musician Terry Carleton (“Guitars”), the 2008 version of the music conference Canadian Music Week (“The Rebirth of Music”), and his own timeless retro-futuristic CD, “Tourist on the Run” (“This Isn’t It,” “You,” “Riding the Rails,” and, most recently, “The Night Hotel”). Recent collaborations include videos for new releases by Vancouver musician Michael Behm (“Saving America”) and Brooklyn singer-songwriter Jessie Kilguss (“Time On My Hands”).

Proven thrice a fan favorite by landing in the top 12 most popular entries in, the first multimedia festival of art in streaming video, four members of the Bohagey Bowes musical entourage were flown to Florence, Italy, where they debuted the live version of “Tourist” (complete with video) at their awards ceremony in October 2007. Terry Carleton’s “Guitars,” a kaleidoscopic look at one man's guitar collection, is an Official Selection of the 2009 NewFilmmakers New Years Festival, the 2008 Tupelo Film Festival, the Planet Ant Film Festival 2008, 2008 and the San Fernando Valley International Film Festival 2008. Recently featured on the NME Web site (“Guitars”), this lighthearted work has been cited for its “stunning special effects which work brilliantly with the fun song.”

Bohagey Bowes is not your every-day video-maker. Never one to settle for clichés and easy imagery, his work stands apart from the current crop of music videos that litter our visual landscape. Every Bohagey Bowes video keeps you focused till the last frame. It’s what you’ve been watching for!